As for the iphone 13 pro, it gets 1.5 more hours of battery life than the iphone 12 pro. If i were you i’d buy a mag safe compatible battery pack and see if you can live with that.

Battery Life – The Iphone 12 12 Pro Review New Design And Diminishing Returns

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Iphone 13 mini battery life vs iphone 12. Battery life (hrs:mins) battery size (mah) iphone 12 mini (5g) 7:28: All four of the iphone 13 models are 0.30 inches (7.65mm) thick. Battery life is improved on the iphone 13 mini, which should be a welcome change for small phone enthusiasts put off by the iphone 12 mini.

1.5 hours longer battery life on iphone 13 mini than iphone 12 mini. In my experience, the iphone 13 had 50% of its battery left. The iphone 13 mini's battery life is a big improvement over the iphone 12 mini, but it still doesn't last as long as the iphone 13.

By comparison, the iphone 12 mini touts 15 hours of video playback, 10 hours of streamed video playback, and 50 hours of audio playback. The iphone 13 mini has a larger battery capacity, so you can go longer between recharges. And that's definitely far below the average, but interestingly, the iphone 12 mini actually lasted a bit more than the iphone se 2020 edition.

Iphone 12 pro (5g/) 9:06: Meanwhile, the iphone 12 lineup was 0.29 inches (7.4mm) thick. The iphone 13 is estimated to run for 2.5 hours longer than the iphone 12, while the iphone 13 mini is estimated to run 1.5 hours longer than the 12 mini.

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The vanilla iphone 13 saw a fairly big jump in battery life, delivering approximately two hours of additional screen on time compared to the iphone 12. It will, however, last quite a bit less than the regular iphone 12 and 12 pro, which last nearly an hour and a half more on that same test. Miss charger in the box?

For two hours of extra battery life, i’m willing to accept an. Still, we'll take the increase as battery. That’s a definite improvement over last year’s iphone 12 mini, but it nevertheless still doesn’t last as long as larger phones — including both the iphone 13 or even last year’s iphone 12.

Iphone 13 mini iphone 13. At a high level, apple said during its iphone 13 keynote that in a day, “most users will experience”: Apple was able to keep the iphone 12 battery life the same as iphone 11, second only to the iphone 11 pro and pro max.

Iphone 12 mini on the left, iphone 12 on the right. The iphone 13 mini's battery lasts for up to 1.5 hours longer than the iphone 12 mini, and the iphone 13's battery lasts for up to 2.5 hours than. The iphone se clocks in at 13 hours for video playback, rising to 15 hours for the iphone 12 mini, then up to 17 hours for the iphone 13 mini.

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The new mini lasted for 8 hours and 41 minutes, while last year's iphone 12 mini notched 7:28. Go to and enter promo code boss for 83% off and 3 months free! Some people will use that reasoning again this year (“the 13 lasts longer than the mini”), but i’m here to say it’s not like last year, where choosing the regular 12 over the mini made sense.

During its keynote address at the california streaming event on tuesday, apple revealed “most users will experience” the following battery. The iphone 13 mini fared better but not by as big a margin. As for the iphone 13 and iphone 13 mini, apple touts there is a “huge leap in battery life you’ll notice every day,” mentioning how the iphone 13 gets 2.5 hours more compared to its predecessor, and the iphone 13 mini gets 1.5 hours more compared to the iphone 12 mini.

Iphone 12 pro max (5g/) 10:53: Iphone 13 battery life vs. Read full article • 112 comments apple.

That said, the iphone 13 mini is apparently a little brighter on average (800 nits compared to 625), although both max out at 1200 nits, so you’re not going to notice too much of a (or any) gap. The iphone 13 mini also did better than the iphone 12 mini delivering a gain of a little over one hour. Battery life if you upgrade to the iphone 13 mini would be noticeably better because your iphone 12 mini’s battery has degraded and the iphone 13 mini has a higher capacity.

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