This is cancelled by dialling ##67#. It's most likely not a sim card issue.

Telephone Fast Busy Signalhang Up Sound Effect – Youtube

If you get a busy signal or fast busy signal before your call is dropped, it’s possible your number is blocked through their wireless carrier.

Busy signal on cell phone mean. You can change the settings. A fast busy signal, sometimes called a reorder tone, indicates that there is no way to reach the number dialed. Was advised by company that other people in the same area code are able to receive their calls (but not me) contacted tmobile tech support with days / times callers reached a busy signal.

Check for any blocked phone numbers. People get a busy signal when calling me. Reinstall at&t call protect app on her device to confirm your number is showing up in the personal block list by viewing the list of calls blocked by at&t call protect within the at&t call protect app.

At&t mobile security & call protect plus provides custom call controls that allows her to block, send your call straight to voicemail, and more. By turning off their handled device or taking out the battery itself. Just depends who is calling you from where and from what.

The busy signal, the busy tone, congestion tone, or engaged tone, is an audible signal that a call cannot be processed or completed. A busy signal means the line is engaged or off the hook. Possibly even a voip issue;

It simply means your call cannot be placed or go through because there is an issue blocking it. Your service provider will also have this information. Yes they can set their cellphone to a busy signal if they don`t want people calling their number.

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Advised company of faulty land line equipment and / or other equipment. Check the links in resources to learn more about the coverage in your area. In the united states, the sound has a.

Tap settings > phone > blocked. Check for an ios software update. It can also happen if they tried to call a fraction of a second before you tried , two lines trying to call a line at the same time but first come first served will get through.

Moreover, there are available call reject apps that you can download to your device. Your service provider will also have this information. In the old days, when you heard a busy signal, it meant someone at the other end was using their phone on another call.

Enable it, and you are done. A fast busy signal might mean that your phone can't connect to the network because you're too far from the nearest cell tower. A fast busy signal on a cellphone means that all of the cellular circuits are tied up by other users, and the call cannot go through to the intended person.

Video shows what fast busy signal means. Reorder tones are most often played following a recorded message describing the problem encountered with an attempted call. Remove and reinsert your sim card

If the person is receiving a busy tone it usually means another line is communicating with them and was before you tried to call them. By activating this so called flight mode or airplane mode a setting available on many phones nowadays. Check the links in resources to learn more about the coverage in your area.

My problem is that there are several numbers in my area that i try to call with the magicjack and i get 3 short busy signals (when i can connect using my cell phone) and then it goes dead. At least with the sprint network, when you. Even if you never changed any settings on your phone, you may get messages like the line is occupied, now, the problem can be caused by a system update or an app.

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Not sure how to explain this, but a busy signal that beeps (or buzzes or whatever) about every second or so usually means the party is on the other line. Check for a carrier settings update. Dead phone means no action can be done whether incoming and outgoing actions.

With a cell phone, the 'busy' signal may mean something quite different. To do this trick, look at the top quick settings bar of your mobile phone, and you will find the option of aeroplane or flight mode. An audible signal on a voice phone line that sounds more frequently than a standard busy singal, indicating that no.

In a nutshell, what does user busy iphone mean? A fast busy signal might mean that your phone can't connect to the network because you're too far from the nearest cell tower. If you’re wondering why your (or their) phone is busy when someone calls when it is not in use, then there is something wrong with the device.

See if call forwarding is turned on. A busy tone, when you use any phone calling a landline that your blocked from if they put you on a no call list. Here are some of the problem numbers that i have collected:

This type of busy signal usually occurs during the aftermath of a. You could also dial **67*phone number of the person#. A fast busy signal means there is trouble on the line.

Tap settings > phone > call forwarding. This is one of the best tricks to make your phone not reachable. The callers will automatically get a busy signal.

Anonymous call blocking or caller id blocking can cause a fast busy signal. What does it mean if you get a busy signal on a cell phone? You can also find it by holding the power button of a phone for about 2 seconds.

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Choosing to be unreachable on your mobile phone can have its consequences, especially if not explained prior. In these instances, a caller must hang up and redial until the cellular circuits can transfer the call to the intended person. They have to pay for this service, which means they are seriously putting you on , what narcissist call “no contact.

I think it's a landline issue.

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